UncensoredNewsFeed - Stole my money then said i was the problem

Edinburg, Virginia 3 comments
Not resolved

Don't use uncensorednewsfeed.com for your your usenet group.I was never able to log on after receiving username and password.

I put the information in exactly like they said and it never worked for any newsreader that i had.

When I asked for help, they said they didn't have any problems logging in from there end and that it was my problem for not being able to configure newsreader.After 2 days of trying to fix it and not receiving any help from their customer service, I canceled the account and said I wanted a refund for not even being able to log in but they said "too bad, not our problem"

Review about: Internet Usenet Feed.



I agree totally with Jack.

Too many morons like captobvs blaming others for their incompetence.

I have also been using uncensorednewsfeed.com service for a long time and found they were always helpful

TAKE RESPONSIBILITY captobvs and stop blaming others !!!!


people like you shouldn't be online.

I have been with uncensorednewsfeed.com for years with no problems...but you blame them for not knowing what you are doing!



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